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Why having a Criminal Defense Attorney is important. 

Remember to protect your right to remain silent. 

Finding the right lawyer for you. 

Knowing when and to what extent this constitutional right applies is crucial to protecting your right to remain silent. Call us today for a consultation about your rights as a criminal defendant in Florida. 

A competent criminal defense lawyer is important, but you also need a lawyer that can dedicate the necessary amount of time to defend your case. Swafford Law Group, PA will work on your behalf to quickly and effectively communicate with law enforcement officials, prosecutors, witnesses, and experts to better represent you. 

Law enforcement officials can be over-zealous. 

Understand your case and your rights. 

Law Enforcement Officers are human. Even they can over-step their boundaries.


It is important that you not impede a law enforcement officer's investigation, but they too must follow the law. 

An attorney consultation will help explain the process of the criminal justice system, but you need a lawyer that can sit down and explain all of your questions and help you protect the life you worked hard for. 

Getting the information you need ASAP. 

Prepare for the process.

The criminal justice system is complex and getting the information need about your case can take time. Call us today we can start the discovery process and get the information we need to defend you. 

Like most things in life, the key is in the preparation. You need an attorney that can guide you through the legal landscape and help you focus on protecting your rights and your life. 



At Swafford Law Group, PA we strive to provide exceptional legal services and representation to criminal defendants throughout the Tampa Bay area. 

Our goal is to move swiftly in your case and work towards resolving your case in the best way possible for you and your circumstances. The best way to accomplish this is to work quickly with you to determine the facts of your case and plan your defense. There are countless factors to be considered when planning a defense, which is why we make it a point to maintain regular communication with you and dedicate the appropriate amount of time to your case. 

Part of the criminal defense process will include negotiations with the Assistant State Attorney assigned to your case (the prosecutor). This is important to do quickly as the prosecutor is on a timeline to not only file formal criminal charges against you after an arrest is made, but also comply with the rules of discovery and your speedy trial right after formal charges are filed. 

In order to better serve our clients, Swafford Law Group, PA will offer consultations via telephone or zoom. We will also be available by appointment to meet in person, if desired. We will use this time to offer information and advice about the criminal justice system in your area. It is important to contact an attorney quickly to ensure your case is being handled in the best manner possible. 


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